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Fall Math Kangaroo Prep Classes
Small group interactive classes for grades 1 to 8. We have a limited number of seats available. Register today! Use LESS50 code for $50 off by Sep 15
Math Kangaroo Prep Webinars
Affordable large group lectures for grades 1 to 8. There are no student-teacher discussions as it happens in a regular small group class. Register today!
AI powered Math Kangaroo Workshops
Solve Math Kangaroo problems while learning about AI. These free workshops for grades 7 to 12 are organized by Stanford and MIT graduates and Math Kangaroo alumni.
New Math Kangaroo Books for grades 1 & 2
We published a new and improved edition of the Math Kangaroo book for grades 1 and 2 in two volumes – new problems and solutions. The book will be ready for shipment on September 15!
School Registration for 2024 Math Kangaroo
School registration for the 2024 Math Kangaroo Competition in March is open! Interested in bringing Math Kangaroo to your school? Start here:…/how-to-start-math-kangaroo…/
2024 Math Kangaroo Memo
This memo is intended to provide guidelines, structure, and outline the process for the Math Kangaroo 2024 registration.
Live Solve with prof. Po-Shen Loh
All Live Solve are available at the press release page. Math Kangaroo and Daily Challenge with prof. Po-Shen Loh Live-Solve free events will resume in September 17!
Math Kangaroo Gift Shop
This Gift Store offers toys, puzzles, t-shirts and more that were left from previous Math Kangaroo Competitions. 15% off with code: LESS15


When I first took Math Kangaroo, there wasn’t really anything to compare to the kinds of math it contained. (…) the logic puzzle-type problems in Math Kangaroo were really interesting and had me looking forward to the competition each year.
Alan Kappler from Hillsboro, OR
Math Kangaroo helped spark my passion for math; it taught me to think outside the box, and apply what I knew in creative ways, a skill of the utmost importance in life.
Alan Vladimiroff from McLean, VA
Math Kangaroo is an amazing, high quality resource for challenging mathematicians 1st through 12th grade. They have an annual competition that schools or other sites an run. (…) They have a variety of resources and videos. I highly recommend Math Kangaroo for anyone who wants to help their child/student grow their math problem-solving/logic skills.
Valerie Voboril

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