Math Kangaroo Answer Card

Parents and teachers, please take your time to see an example of Math Kangaroo Answer Card and talk about it with your students.
Check if your name is spelled correctly.
Check if grade level and center name are correct.
Fill circles completely, as shown on the left. To change the answer, completely erase the incorrect answer and mark the new one.
Only one answer for each question is allowed.
If 2 answers are marked for one question, no credit will be given, even if one of the answers is correct.
Please mark only your answers. Do not draw or write anything else on the answering sheet. The QR codes on the sheet are needed to be clean for the grading machine to read all the information correctly.
Cards filled incorrectly will not be read by a scanning machine, a credit will NOT be given to a student.
Your test will have 24 or 30 questions depending on your grade level.

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