We currently have two amazing self-study books for grades 1 & 2 and grades 3 & 4. Another book for grades 5 & 6 comes in November!

Those books can be used at home and in school. The questions were selected by mathematicians from all over the world where Math Kangaroo takes place. Fun pictures make these books enjoyable by children and by adults alike. Math Kangaroo organizers believe students will benefit from these books and enjoy them greatly!

Math Kangaroo Levels 5&6 - Q's and Solutions from Years 1998-2021

Coming up in November!

This book will be available both on paper and virtually.

Cover_MK Book_Level 5 and 6_10_6_21


The booklets contain questions presented to students in Math Kangaroo competition. These are the original paper tests that were printed for students at a given year.