How to Start Math Kangaroo Center

Thank you for visiting our page for the future Math Kangaroo Leaders!

Basic information about the logistics of Math Kangaroo:

School registration deadline: December 1

School registration fee: $0

Students’ registration deadline and fees:

If registered by December 15 – $21 per student

If registered after December 15 – $35 per student

There are no restrictions on the participation eligibility besides the ability to read and answer questions independently

A minimum of 10 students enrolled is required

Managers of In-the-classroom centers: you will receive the question booklets, answer cards, pencils, T-shirts, and gifts for all participants at the end of February or beginning of March. After the test (same day or the day after) you will scan and email the answer sheets to the provided email address. In May we will send you awards for your winners.

Managers of online centers: you will receive the T-shirts and gifts for all participants at the end of February or beginning of March. The test will be delivered electronically and you will proctor your students online; the test booklets and answer sheets are therefore not needed. In May we will send you awards for your winners.

Math Kangaroo Manager to do and to know:

All students have equal opportunities to participate regardless of their math abilities.

It is necessary to review the received competition material asap (late Feb) to make sure there are no discrepancies.

Send an email to the registered students around Dec. 20 with a welcome message and ask to verify the correctness of the student’s name, grade, and the participation center before January 1?

Be prepared to have volunteers (parents or educators) to proctor students (in-person or online)

Be prepared to scan all answer sheets (if paper test) and email the scan to the provided email address right after the test or a day after. The originals you keep with you for a minimum of 11 months.

It is necessary to review the received awards (in May) asap to make sure there are no discrepancies.

Send a congratulatory email to the winners with the awards ceremony or pick-up arrangement information. 

Apply to become a new Math Kangaroo center here: APPLICATION FOR BECOMING MATH KANGAROO CENTER.

If you would like to register a few schools/centers that have a different address you should fill out the form multiple times. When your application is received you will be contacted within one week with the center readiness information so you can notify your students about the registration being opened. Even with several centers you will have just one manager account. 

Centers with ‘By Invitation’ registration

By Invitation centers allow registration of only their own students. The manager provides their families with Center Invitation Code to be used on the registration page. The manager should notify the families to keep the code confidential and not share it with outsiders.

Centers with open registration for any student

Open registration centers allow registration for any student at any grade. Only in-the-classroom centers can have an open registration status.

We are grateful for your interest to join us in our mission of helping students love math.

Here are some of the benefits exclusively for the Math Kangaroo Managers:

Free participation for manager’s own children

Free access to video questions and solutions

Free lesson plans to prepare your students for Math Kangaroo

50% off for tests and solution papers

Free T-shirts for the main manager and the proctoring team

An in-kind gift before the competition, sent with T-shirts

End of the season monetary gift upon completion of all the managerial tasks

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