Testimonials About the Competition

Alumni and Students Testimonials

Parth Shastri
Princeton, NJ

I was introduced to Math Kangaroo in second grade and have not missed any ever since. The unique combination of mathematics coupled with logical reasoning ability, unlike other math competitions, makes this an interesting competition for budding math lovers. Fun and educational gifts given to participants and winners are encouraging to young minds.

Raul Thomas
Centennial, CO

(...) Those problems that I didn’t solve were so enjoyable that I had to take them home and try again. It was this experience that first gave me a glimpse of what mathematics and problem solving are really about: the journey is perhaps more valuable than the destination. Beguiled by these fun and interesting problems, I decided to keep coming back each year. (...)

Samuel Lerner
Brookline, MA

(...) I have enjoyed solving Math Kangaroo’s interesting and unique problems and have looked forward to the competition every March. I especially like that Math Kangaroo questions often focus on spatial visualization and logic. They're the most challenging as traditional strategies do not work and it's necessary to find an original solution. Creative and fast thinking is essential here. (...)

Kishore Rajesh
Scottsdale, AZ

I started participating in Math Kangaroo in 7th grade, and have participated every year since. What first drew me to the contest was the logic-type questions, which were less like other math contest questions I did, and more like fun brain teasers. The competition gave me something to look forward to at the end of the school year. Math Kangaroo enabled me to think logically, a skill that helped me in other math contests.

Candace Do
Bellevue, WA

Through the past ten years competing in Math Kangaroo, I've grown to appreciate the unique problems that Math Kangaroo poses, focusing more on logical thinking rather than the math facts and memorization of other popular math competitions. This competition has helped me learn to think outside the box, a skill essential in math and dozens of other fields.

Jennifer Gao
Clemson, SC

(...) the unique problems encouraged me to participate every year. The problems were very enjoyable to think about, and working on them definitely helped me improve my critical thinking skills. Above all, the program is incredibly well run and accessible, making it an overall fun experience every single year – I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in mathematics.

Timothy Palamarchuk
Great Falls, VA

(...) What kept me interested in the competition were the problems; in other competitions, the problems are very dull and almost impossible to solve if you don't know a very specific trick to solving them. In contrast, the Math Kangaroo has problems that are not only applicable to the real world but even if you don't know the exact way to solve it, there are many other ways to approach them. (...)

Gabriel Wu
Rockville, MD

I have competed in Math Kangaroo since 3rd grade. I come back each year because I love the challenge posed by the MK contest. Each question requires a combination of creative problem solving and mathematical knowledge - both of which improve with practice. The out-of-the-box thinking encouraged by MK gives math an exciting, innovative feeling that is harder to find in the classroom environment.

Chinmay Krishna
Chinmay Krishna
Overland Park, KS

Math Kangaroo was one of the first math competitions I participated in. The unique problems in Math Kangaroo tests enriched my passion and curiosity for math. I continued to participate in Math Kangaroo and many other competitions over my school years to fulfill my thirst for math with simple, yet thought-provoking problems that provide a new lens to view math with.

Sanath Govindarajan
Exeter, NH

The experience I had with MK over the years was awesome! The memories of new friends and the beauty of Zakopane will remain with me forever. I felt that the types of problems for different grades were appropriate for those grade levels and they kept me coming back year after year. I love the thinking and reasoning aspects of the problems.

Parents and Teachers Testimonials

Math Kangaroo helps in the metacognitive development of the student. We are happy to be part of such a fantastic program that believes in holistic brain development.

Manager ( owner) of S.A.M. Singapore Math, Katy TX, Roopali Shishulkar

Tests such as Math Kangaroo are always better in person. There is an invaluable experience in waking up the test morning, driving to a test center, going through the motions of getting into a new location and giving a test in an unfamiliar place with an intention to accomplish your goal. This is priceless and NO online test can replace that. So, please keep this going.

From a parent of Integna's Orange Elephant student

Just a fun fact, my son is hooked to the Math Kangaroo questions. Every single day after school, both of us try to solve at least 10 questions - our mini competition 🙂 Not only both of us are spending quality time together but it feels like we are playing a thrilling game. The questions start easy but progressively gets harder and keep us deeply engaged. I feel if not anything else, it's most definitely building up his critical analytical abilities. That's the best life skill he can acquire and keep at it.

From mother of Anirudh in Cumming, GA

Thank you very much for providing the laureate award for Srivats. It has been a wonderful experience for our family with both Shyam and Srivats participating in the past several years. Not only our boys, but also we as parents, will also cherish all the great memories and learning Math Kangaroo has provided them over more than a dozen years.

From parents in Overland Park, Kansas

My daughter started participating in Math Kangaroo contests from third grade (levels 1/2 were not offered at the time) and has not missed any ever since. She would make sure we arranged our spring schedule around the competitions (which often occurs in the middle of spring breaks). She thoroughly enjoyed the problem solving approach. It stimulated her interest in math and set her on her path to pursue more STEM education. When she took MK the first time, we had to travel to other city to participate in the competition (but she did enjoy the hotel stay as a "vacation"). Soon after, I convinced a local gifted education teacher to set up a MK test center in my town. She would take care of the confidential stuff like tests and I would help her with logistics such as registration. It was a great partnership until she moved on to another job and we moved to TX. She has participated in MK 10 times (except in first and second grades not offered at the time) and she is going to MIT in the fall. We witnessed her growth and maturing both academically and as a person. We want to thank you and your staff for your time and effort! My younger child also enjoys MK very much. He started in MK competitions from first grade (first graders were allowed in the MK by the time he was in first grade) and has not missed it no matter what. Last summer he was chosen by your organization to be on the USA team for the Poland camp. He can't stop talking about the trip ever since. In fact he was talking about the mountains, salt mines, and hiking at the camp the other day at the dinner table. This year he got a perfect score in the MK competition. I just want to write you this email to express our gratitude. You have done great work to improve STEM education around the world, especially in this country. We can't thank you enough for your influence on our kids.

Parent in TX

Thank you Math Kangaroo for being adaptive in this unprecedented trying time! When the school was first closed nation wide, I was worried this year's test would be canceled, which would have been a huge bummer to my two girls (a 2nd grader and a 4th grader) who worked very hard in preparation for the competition. However, instead of taking the easier way out, you swiftly came up with this wonderful glitch-free and user-friendly online testing. Math Kangaroo has been instrumental in installing math confidence into my two young girls. Math Kangaroo enables them to see that as girls they have the goods in them and they can deliver it, when often times the society's sexist undertone might suggest otherwise. Thank you for your effort to make this possible and kudos to you! Wish you a much deserved relaxing summer and stay safe and healthy!

Parent from Virginia

"...I know that all the young people that went through the program benefited tremendously.
In my own three sons I see how:
1. They have learned how to overcome "brain freeze" and the challenge of an unknown problem.
2. They have been exposed to a variety of Math problems.
3. They have been made aware of the greater community of students - with whom they will work and compete.
4. They have been well prepared for the changes brought on by Common Core.
I always speak highly of your program and promote it at all the schools we are at..."

Monique from NY

We loved the (Math Kangaroo 2020 Online) format; thanks for making it so easy for the kids to navigate and also less stress for parents. Thank you all for working so hard and making it possible for all the kids to take MK test during this Pandemic. I really appreciate you all.

From father of 4th grader in Texas

Thank you for ... very informative bulletin. I personally appreciate mentioning my oldest son Daniel. He has been a part of Math Kangaroo family for as long as he could remember. It means a world to him and me.

From MK Manager in Virginia

I loved when he did Math Kangaroo and so did he. It actually helped inspire his love for math. He leaves for college soon and will be majoring in math and computer science. Isaiah will be taking MK this year and I hope he does well!

We are in CA.

I find Kangaroo to be by far the best competition for elementary school and my son had a blast doing it for the first time this year.

From Father of Nate, Oak Brook, IL
Nate participated in Math Kangaroo 2014 in Lisle Hyatt Hotel, Lisle, IL

MK has played an important role in our son's academic development and has inspired his interest in Math and Computer Science.

From parents
Their son was recognized for several years of excellent results in Math Kangaroo.

My son started 4 or 5 years ago. (...). I think it is a very cheap way to have kids learn math. $21 is cheap, and they have a goal every year.. to get ready for a math competition. You have a great company in Math Kangaroo!

Thomas, Chicago, IL

... And thank you for organizing Math Kangaroo competitions in which Luran has participated for the last 8 years (5th-12th grades). Math Kangaroo has certainly contributed to nurturing his passion and talent in math.

From Luran's Mom, NY

It is my pleasure and privilege to host Math Kangaroo ... to promote the excellence of Mathematics learning. Thanks again,

From Math Kangaroo Manager

Math Kangaroo is an awesome exam and i fell in love with it the first time I saw one of the papers. Keep up the good work!

Harsha, parent

Thanks for this great competition and event. Even my son didn't win any award, we still glad we join this event. ... Thanks for your time and everything your organization did.

From Tom's Parent
Fremont, CA

... I really appreciate giving a great challenge opportunity to young students. My son, 4th grader took a test today and had a blast experience.

From Mother of Brandon, Valencia, CA
Brandon participated in Math Kangaroo 2014 in Boston Education at Los Angeles, CA

This competition gave my son an opportunity to show where he stands as a young mathematician among his peers. Thank you!!! Shalika

From Parent of Arosha
Arosha participated in Math Kangaroo 2014 in Seed of Paramus Learning Center, PARAMUS, NJ

I'll tell my son that you from MK also told me to get him an ice cream .... anyways I think participating is more important ... he's too young to be pushed into the winning and loosing madness of the world ...
You have a great day!

Parent from California
whose child did not place on the top of the winners list

Our kids have been taking these test for five years now and we would like to take this opportunity to applaud the Math Kangaroo question authors for consistently coming up with such fun and engaging questions year after year. The quality and style of the questions really puts Math Kangaroo contest in a league of its own. Regards,

From Parents of Vikhyath and Advaith
Vikhyath and Advaith participated in Math Kangaroo 2014 in RSM-Bellevue, BELLEVUE, WA

I want to say thank you to you and everyone else involved in such a wonderful program. It takes passion and dedication to want to make a difference and impact in lives, especially children. My daughter, Isabella, had a wonderful experience and can't wait till next year. Thank you again for the opportunity. All the best,

From Mother of Isabella, Rocky Point, NY
Isabella participated in Math Kangaroo 2014 in SchoolNova at Stony Brook, NY

We have completed the Math Kangaroo testing at our E.nopi Enrichment Center in Beachwood, Ohio. All of the students seemed to enjoy their time with Math Kangaroo and look forward to returning next year. The items that you provided were very well received by both the students and their parents. I included several additional items (pencils, some stickers, rubber bracelets, etc.) for the students to take home after the testing.
Mary Beth and I would like to thank you again for the opportunity to participate in the Math Kangaroo 2012 activities and we look forward to next year.

Mary Beth and Joe Golombek
Center Directors - E.nopi of Beachwood

... I had a child from a neighboring state - Srija came from Chattanooga, Tennessee, two-hour drive with her parents and the younger sister. I had kids from Alabama several years ago. Also, Eric, who won a bronze medal, last year, came from Rome, GA - also about two-hour drive. This year his sister competed as well, in first grade. I am so impressed by the determination of these kids and their parents! Since they have a long drive, they come early, around 4 pm when I am setting the table in front of the building, so I had the chance to talk with them before the other start coming around 5:30.

MK Manager at Doraville, GA
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