Math Kangaroo Poster Contest

We invite STUDENTS and ADULTS to create a poster for the upcoming Math Kangaroo USA competition.

2023 Math Kangaroo Poster Contest

Math Kangaroo Poster Contest Logistics:

Deadline for submitting posters:

April 18th 2022.

Information about the competition that should be included in the poster:

XXVI Math Kangaroo Competition in USA for students in grades 1 through 12.

Date: Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Registration: September 15, 2022 till December 15, 2022 at

Facts: All students are given recognition and gifts for participation. Over 6 million students participate in Math Kangaroo competition worldwide.

Excitement: math eye catching image to capture average student attention.

Website: and contact email:

Poster’s format:

Only electronic poster entries will be accepted and displayed.

Only JPG files are allowed.

Posters should be at least of 300 dpi, max. size 10 GB. Color and creativity is encouraged.

Submitted posters should be named as follows: Student_Grade_State_City_Name.

Example: Student_2_CA_LosAngeles_JaneDoe. If you are already out of school, name the poster as: Adult_State_City_Name. Example: Adult_CA_LosAngeles_JaneDoe

After creating your poster upload it together with your information here. Any questions regarding posters should be directed to The author of the winning entry will be contacted by email and also might be asked to make minor changes to his/her poster.

Only one poster entry is allowed per person – multiple entries are not accepted.

Not allowed in poster submissions: Images of calculators or anything copied from other websites.

Note: All US citizens (residing in or outside the United States) are eligible to participate in Math Kangaroo Poster even if do not participate in the Math Kangaroo Competitions.

Best Poster Recognitions:

Best Poster will be chosen by the Internal MK Committee. Award: $200 Amazon gift card.

Best T-shirt picture may be chosen out of the posters. Award: $100 Amazon gift card.

The winner’s poster will be featured in 2023 Math Kangaroo printed resources.

The winning design will be distributed to all participating states in the United States: schools, libraries, municipalities and businesses.

The national winner will be recognized in May at XXV Math Kangaroo Annual Award Ceremony in the state of residence (if such takes place), in the Math Kangaroo Bulletin, and acknowledged on the Math Kangaroo website.

Our Math Kangaroo 2022 Poster Contest Winner!

AUTHOR: Violet Hughes, Grade 1, Newtown, CT

The other wonderful posters submitted for the Poster Contest 2022:

Posters from previous years:

Best Poster 2021

AUTHOR: Ramier Villarama, Grade 11, Bayonne, NJ

Best T-shirt Design 2021

AUTHOR: Szymon Teodorowicz, Grade 2, Cordova, TN

Best Poster 2020

AUTHOR: Varni Modi, Grade 1, Tucson, AZ

Best T-shirt Design 2020

AUTHOR: Valerie Tolstorukov, Grade 4, Winchester, MA

Best Poster 2019

AUTHOR: Neha Kuchhal, Iowa City, IA
Student_8_CA_Pleasanton_SahanaRavishankar - Mathangi Krishnan

Best T-shirt Design 2019

AUTHOR: Sahana Ravishankar, Grade 8, Pleasanton, CA

Best Poster 2018

AUTHOR: Archit Kumar, Grade 7, Dublin, CA

Best T-shirt Design 2018

AUTHOR: David C Wong, Grade 6, Chicago, IL

Best Poster 2017

AUTHOR: Aditya V Kaliappan, Grade 12, Boyds, MD

Best Poster 2016

AUTHOR: Nishanth, Grade 8 , Cary, NC

Best T-shirt Design 2016

AUTHOR: Rae, Beaverton, OR

Best Poster 2015

AUTHOR: Pawel Strzebonski, Grade 12, Mahomet, IL

Best Poster 2014

AUTHOR: Przemek Nalaskowski, Level 12, Aurora, IL

Best Poster 2013

AUTHOR: Julia Ong, Grade 4, Milpitas, CA

Best Poster 2012

AUTHOR: Andrea Bajscy, Grade 11, Champaign, IL

Best Poster 2011

AUTHOR: Luis Rubio, Grade 7, Chicago, IL