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You can find here posters and flyers you may use for promoting Math Kangaroo.

2024 Poster

AUTHOR: Arannya Karak, Adult, San Ramon, CA

Few words from author of poster:
"I tried to keep the image and color palette similar to the Math Kangaroo website logo. I chose the fonts that are easy to read. I considered using different sizes and weights to create visual interest and guide the viewer's eye through the design. I designed a kangaroo riding a bicycle in the center of the poster which symbolizes it as a primary vehicle of our childhood. The kangaroo wears a cape with mathematical symbols and the bicycle is also made with basic shapes. I have also tried to introduce the ‘pi’ symbol with a fun character."

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2024 Flyer

2023 Poster

AUTHOR: Videsha Das, Grade 5, San Jose, CA

A few words from author of the poster: “My name is Videsha Das and I’m in 5th grade and I’m 11 years old. I live in California. My hobbies are drawing, reading, baking, writing, and dancing. ..."

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2023 Flyer

2022 Poster

AUTHOR: Violet Hughes, Grade 1, Newtown, CT

A few words from author of the poster: “I love to do math and Math Kangaroo problems, make inventions, read, write & illustrate stories, play the violin and the piano, and play outside. My poster depicts math as an adventure. This is both because Math Kangaroo has been on a 25-year journey of spreading the joy of math to students of all ages AND because learning math and solving problems IS a fun adventure!”

2022 Flyer

2021 Poster

AUTHOR: Ramier Villarama, Grade 11, Bayonne, NJ

A few words from author of the poster: " The poster I created is inspired by math websites, specifically for kids. As I have a younger brother who is in kindergarten, he is usually learning on a computer and on certain websites for math. One day, he asked me for help on a problem, which inspired me to center my eye-catching image on this topic. I still remember fond memories of going on math websites for kids when I was younger and it always making math less serious and more fun. Therefore, I am hoping my poster can capture the average and more younger student's attention and show them that math and contests, like Math Kangaroo, are as fun as these websites, as well as provide a sense of nostalgia for older students. "

2021 Flyer

2020 Poster

AUTHOR: Varni Modi, Grade 1, Tucson, AZ

A few words from author of the poster: " Since past few months, I am learning computer programming and coding language and wished to exhibit what I have learned so far through this poster contest. In the poster, I showed 3D kangaroo – a baby kangaroo in his pocket - with balloon and gift box that tells math is a family fun game and all should enjoy it."

2020 Flyer

2019 Poster

AUTHOR: Neha Kuchhal, Iowa City, IA

Her poster was chosen to promote Math Kangaroo 2019. She lives in Iowa City, IA. She writes about herself that loves to look at math like a detective. She received Best Math Kangaroo Poster Certificate and $250 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to Neha for her winning entry! She did a terrific job of capturing the core of our mission in an attention-grabbing and humorous way.

2019 Flyer

2018 Poster

AUTHOR: Archit Kumar, Grade 7, Dublin, CA

A few words from author of the poster: "I love drawing cartoons and comics. I've been drawing my own cartoons since I was in kindergarten, but I'd never really had the opportunity to share my art with the world. Therefore, when I learned about the Math Kangaroo poster contest earlier this year, I was on board immediately! My poster helps reflect the fun, playful side of math, the one that the Math Kangaroo is built upon. The smiling kangaroo symbolizes the joy of math, while his chef hat and apron represent the creative, logical side of things. Plus, I just couldn't resist including the pun about 'pi'."

2018 Flyer

2017 Poster

AUTHOR: Aditya V Kaliappan, Grade 12, Boyds, MD

A few words from author of the poster: "I am very interested in abstract thinking emphasized by mathematics and computer science. I am a former participant in the Math Kangaroo
competitions, and was able to win prizes at the state level. Competitions have always allowed me to improve my critical thinking skills throughout my school years and in college. My poster expresses my hope that students will find greater success in their academic endeavors by learning to read critically and think about mathematics curiously when preparing for and participating in the Math Kangaroo competition."

2017 Flyer

2016 Poster

AUTHOR: Nishanth, Grade 8,Cary ,NC

2016 Flyer

2015 Poster

AUTHOR: Pawel Strzebonski, Grade 12, Mahomet, IL

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2015 Flyer

2014 Poster

AUTHOR: Przemek Nalaskowski, Level 12, Aurora, IL

A few words from author of the poster: "My favorite subject at school is history. My mom was the first person who told me about Math Kangaroo. I wanted to get involved some way but I am better at designing than at math. After thinking about what I can do to contribute to Math Kangaroo I realized that I can make a nice flyer with my computer graphic skills so it will advertise this contest for next year."

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2014 Flyer

2013 Poster

AUTHOR: Julia Ong, Grade 4, Milpitas, CA

Julia Ong is homeschooled, and her favorite subject is math. She loves to read fiction books and compete in the Math Kangaroo competition. Besides winning the poster contest, she also won 8th place at national level at the Math Kangaroo competition this year. Last year Julia was also very successful. She won 1st place at the state (California) level and 2nd place at the national level when she was in third grade.

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2013 Flyer

2012 Poster

AUTHOR: Andrea Bajscy, Grade 11, Champaign, IL

Andrea is a senior student in Champaign, Illinois. She did a remarkable job of detaining the spirit of the Math Kangaroo mission, as well as generated a truly powerful poster and message! Simplicity and creativity made Andrea the winner.

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2012 Flyer

2011 Poster

AUTHOR: Luis Rubio, Grade 7, Chicago, IL

In all, he submitted 10 posters. His winning entry did a terrific job of capturing the essence of the Math Kangaroo mission, as well as creating a truly powerful poster and message!

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2011 Flyer

2011 Flyer back side – English

2011 Flyer face side, postcard

2011 Flyer back side – Polish

2010 Poster

2009 Poster

2008 Poster

2007 Poster

2006 Poster

2005 Poster

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