We are excited to get closer and closer to the big Math Kangaroo Day on March 21!

All proctored centers are closed. The virtual self-proctored centers will continue to be open until March 1. If you are already enrolled, make sure you review your registration to know the date and time of the testing, the format (online or paper test), and your center location address – if participating at an in-person center. With any questions, please contact your center manager (the email address in your MK account, under the registration record).

Please review In-person and Online participation guidelines.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities:

FREE practice exams

Math Kangaroo released additional six free tests (year 2010) for students to practice before the competition. Now, all 2010 and 2020 practice tests are free of charge with unlimited retakes. All other practice tests are available for $0.99 or $1.99.

Math Kangaroo Webinar

Great news! You can still sign up for live webinars. Once you sign up, all previous session recordings will show up in your account as well.

Math Kangaroo LIVE Solve

Two prominent Math Kangaroo high school students demonstrate their problem-solving skills by tackling past competition questions in real-time during a live session. This event is not to be missed by math enthusiasts.

See upcoming LIVE Solves workshops on Sundays at 7 p.m. EST

🦘Feb 11, 2024: Grades 3–4

🦘March 3, 2024: Grades 5–6

Math Gym, a workout for your brain

Every month, experience the joy of mathematical discovery with an hour of independent work on engaging and beautiful math problems. Explore challenges of your choice with the guidance of an expert mathematician.

See upcoming Math Gym workshops on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. EST

🦘Feb 28, 2024: Grades 4–12

🦘March 20, 2024: Grades 4–12

Math Kangaroo valuable resources

Math Kangaroo offers an array of valuable resources to support students in their mathematical journey.

These resources include:

🦘free workshops

🦘free sample questions

🦘free video questions and solutions


🦘private coaching

🦘lesson plans*

* New lesson plans for grades 1-2 were posted last week!

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Math Kangaroo Partner Spotlight

Studies show that a child’s math preparation going into kindergarten is the single best predictor of success in school, in all subjects. Early Family Math provides free math resources in over a dozen languages for families to enjoy together during their child’s first eight years.

Visit our partner’s website www.EarlyFamilyMath.org or download the app.

· 160 educationally sequenced math games, puzzles, and activities for families

· 56 annotated storybooks to help families develop the habit of talking about math

· 100 gzames and 200 Pu

· 104 of the puzzles are available as playing cards and as Google and PowerPoint slide decks.

Early Family Math welcomes collaborations to foster early math education!

Math Kangaroo USA Team 

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