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About the Test

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Here is instruction how to check Math Kangaroo test result.

Answer cards are kept eleven months after the competition.

Requests for photo-copies of cards or re-scoring involve time. We ask for a donation of $15 with your request for a copy of your student’s card to cover our labor costs. Click here to go to the donation page.
Include student’s id, name, level and the participation place: state, city, and institution name. The requests need to be directed to Please allow up to two weeks for finding the card and scoring it again. Note: Answer cards are shredded eleven months after the competition.

There are different reasons why students lose points on the tests. In Math Kangaroo Competition they are:

Wrong answer

Missing answer

More than one answer for the same question

Math Kangaroo USA uses Scantron cards for students’ answers and has them automatically scored by Scantron Corporation at their facility.
In case we find that the card was not scored properly because of an error in our process, we will adjust the student’s score in the list of the results, and refund fee for requesting a copy of your answer card.

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