Math Kangaroo Logistics


Math Kangaroo Competition is an international, once a year event, always on the third Thursday in March.

The Math Kangaroo competition held its first online format in 2020, as a response to address the COVID-19 situation. The online format of the exam will begin on this designated Thursday, and may continue over the course of days to accommodate the numbers of students that participate.

All students grades 1-12 qualify for participation in Math Kangaroo if they are able to work independently, read, and answer a multiple choice test.

Each student receives a T-shirt, an electronic certificate of participation, and a gift.

Pictures are taken and placed on our webpage or social media; you may request to opt-out during the registration process.

The competition questions are appropriate for the students’ age, and are both interesting and challenging.

Questions are chosen by the International Math Kangaroo Committee, AKSF (

In May students who rank top 20 in the country and top 3 in a given state are recognized on Math Kangaroo website and receive gifts.

General Rules

Levels correspond with school grades:

1st Grade — Level 1

2nd Grade — Level 2

3rd Grade — Level 3


12th Grade (Senior Class in High School) — Level 12

75 Minutes multiple choice test

24 Questions for students in grades 1, 2, 3 and 4

30 Questions for students in grades 5 and up

Here is an example of Math Kangaroo Answer Card

No aids other than writing utensils and paper will be allowed. In particular, no calculators will be allowed on any part of the competition, and any cell phones must be turned off

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